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  • 1. Form a band of up to 3 or 4 members - decide on who is in your band and who plays what instruments (guitar, drums, lead singer, Manager).
    • Do you hold auditions to see who gets which instrument?
    • What is your criteria for working out who will eventually play what?
  • 2. Keep track of your Guitar Hero scores for each instrument you play via an Excel file. Have you improved? Make a graph of your scores for at least 5 practice sessions.
  • 3. Choose a name for your band.
  • 4. Will the band members have personas? (ie personality types/nicknames etc). Make a Voki of your character. To do this click on this link Voki . You can choose/design costumes for your band (create "the look"), add a hat, choose hair colour, make up, even add text and voice. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PROCESS GO TO THE VOKI PAGE BY CLICKING THE LINK AT THE TOP LEFT OF THIS PAGE
  • 5. Write a back story  (history) (approx 1-2 paragraphs) about the band.This is to be used for promotional purposes. What is the history? How did you form? How long have you been together? How many CDs have you put out (their names)? How popular are you? Have you done any other tours/made any TV appearances - if so - what programs? Write this up in a blog; make it look like an official band blog. Blogs
  • 6.What are your favourite songs? Why? Make a list.
  • 7.Choose a list of songs that the band will sing and perform at your concerts.


  •  1. Decide where in the world you will tour. Justify how you made the selections.
  • Which stadiums will you use?
  • 2. Create a map with your tour venues on it. (*see Bighugelabs to help you with this process)
  • Where will you stay and how will you travel from city to city and country to country? (what are the transport and accomodation costs?)
  • 3.What kind of lighting/effects will your concert have?
  • 4.How much does it cost to hire each venue? How many people do they seat?
  • 5. How many people will you have to employ?  (*think about roadies, lighting people etc) How much will you have to pay them?
  • 6.How much will tickets cost? (*think about how many people you need to employ and how much you need to pay for stadium hire, flight costs and accomodation - your ticket price needs to take this into account as well as the number you can posssibly seel to fill each stadium)
  • 7.Where will you stay and how will you travel from city to city and country to country?
  • 8.Select tour dates. Have you left enough time in between each concert to recover, travel and set up staging?
  • 9.How will you promote the concerts? (*Think up a marketing campaign)
    Will you have a tour blog? How will you decide whose turn it is to write it?
  • Give your tour  a name? (Eg Pink's Funhouse tour; Britney's Circus.)
    Design some CD covers/T-shirts/posters/programs. Use FD's Flickr Toys, Glogster, BigHugeLabs, Block Posters, etc.  (*TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE THIS TASK VISIT THE BLOGS PAGE)
  • 10.How much money will you make?
    How will you divide it up?
  • 11.Be interviewed by the media about your tour:
  •    Produce newspaper and magazine articles about the band and the tour. Have photos taken. How do you want to be portrayed?  (*Maybe use glogster to design yout magazine article)
  • Podcast an interview for radio viewers. (*you will need to write a script and use audacity to record your interview)
  • 12 Put on a concert (*come dressed in band clothing and select your song/single).
    Will you film it and make a DVD from it? How will you promote and sell that?  Where will you sell your CD?


You will need to upload all of this work to your group's page.

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